#BeHeard Survey Toolkit


We created this toolkit to equip you for a successful #BeHeard Survey experience.  The survey process is pivotal to the outcomes of your results.  This page will link you to the resources you need to increase employee participation and capture valuable feedback to boost employee engagement in your workplace.  The table of contents on the right will get you everything you need to walk through the four most critical stages of the survey process:


Get Buy-In






Take Action

Table of Contents

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Today, we are facing an unprecedented shift in how the modern workplace functions. This ebook will walk you through the Employee Survey process and how to overcome roadblocks that may be standing in your way of getting the best participation and results.  You will learn the foundational components you need to rejuvenate your internal survey strategies, whether they are existing or you are starting out fresh. This framework will help you build a basic action plan to successfully launch and act on your results.

Free Company Templates

To kick things off, here are a few customizable templates to quickly and easily master the four stages of the survey process to get the results you need! 

#BeHeard Survey Checklist

Employee Surveys for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

As the COVID cloud is lifting, employee voices need to be heard more than ever to recover from these uncertain times. Before we dive in, check out some of the resources below to see how powerful an employee engagement survey can be for your workplace.

Get Buy-In

To have a successful #BeHeard Survey experience, you need to get leadership buy-in to launch and act on the results to really move the needle. The first step is showing how an increase in employee engagement will directly impact your bottom line. This is critical, and we've got you covered. 
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  • Sparck Engagement Calculator
  • Employee Engagement ROI Analysis Overview
  • Reference Page (research and calculations)

Learn more with the resources below!




An incomplete or unthoughtful implementation can negatively impact the survey results.  Check out the resources below to help you successfully implement the survey to get the best #BeHeard experience.   


The leadership buy-in is complete, your implementation is set, now it's time to prepare for your survey launch!  Overlooking this step is a common roadblock to getting the best results from your #BeHeard experience.  Check out the resources below for best practices and recommendations to successfully launch your survey.


Take Action

Don't just stop when you get the results!  One of the biggest mistakes any company can make is conducting a survey and then neglecting to follow up and take action.  This step is so important, and we want to equip you with everything you need to easily start increasing employee engagement in your workplace! 

#BeHeard Survey Free Report

If you haven't already, create your free account to launch our statistically valid survey to increase engagement in your workplace. 

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#BeHeard Survey Success Series

Don't have time?  No problem. We are here to help you optimize employee participation and take action with your #BeHeard Survey results to increase engagement in your unique workplace!