#BeHeard Survey Success Series

We're here to help you increase Engagement in your workplace 

To optimize employee participation and gain actionable results with the #BeHeard Engagement Survey, we developed our Success Series to provide the tools and resources you need to excel based on your time and budget.  With our #BeHeard Survey Success Series, you'll receive:

  • Complimentary templates and coaching tips 
  • Strategy sessions to effectively execute 
  • Employee focus groups to put your results into action 

Learn more about the different packages below!

Success Series: Part I


Part I of the Success Series is all about survey execution! We'll help you get actionable results and increase employee participation.  You will be equipped to gain executive buy-in, implement, effectively launch your survey, and gather effective insights. 

This package includes: 

  • Customized Action Plan
  • Survey Checklist Road Map 
  • 3 Strategic Planning Calls
    • Discovery Session 
    • Implementation + Launch Plan
    • #BeHeard Q&A & Introduction Call
  • Review #BeHeard Survey Engagement Results

Success Series: Part II


Part II of the Success Series is all about taking action! We'll help you share and interpret your results to align and execute an engagement initiative throughout your entire organization. This will ensure you get the largest return on investment and boost employee loyalty! 

This package includes: 

  • Customized Engagement Plan
  • 3 Engagement Strategy Calls
    • Review + Interpret Results
    • Develop Company Game Plan
    • Workplace Demographic Analysis 
  • 1 Employee Focus Group*
  • Personalized Engagement Recommendations
* Optional: additional focus groups $750 each


Get Executive Buy-In

The first step in launching an employee survey is gaining executive buy-in.  This free resource will help:
  • Equip you with a research proven Cost Analysis to show the ROI of engagement strategies
  • Prepare you for an executive or management meeting to show the alignment between HR’s strategic initiatives and organizational outcomes

#BeHeard Survey Toolkit


Get started with this free toolkit to help equip you for a successful #BeHeard Survey experience by:

  • Understanding and overcoming common  survey roadblocks

  • Providing resources and templates that will help you increase employee participation and capture valuable feedback


In three easy steps, sign up for the #BeHeard Survey Success Series! 

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Part I - What to Expect

See what to expect for Part I of the #BeHeard Success Series coaching package. 

Part II - What to Expect

See what to expect for Part II of the #BeHeard Success Series coaching package.

#BeHeard Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the #BeHeard Success Series coaching packages.